Merchandizing is one of the most important directions of activity of a trading enterprise. Sales can be directly influenced by the following criteria – whether the product display shelves of the points of sale are always full of products and the products are placed in a proper way, meeting the specific placement criteria. The quality of placement is provided by the merchandizing standard of „Baltā Bura Ltd.”, which provides an accurate sequence of activities in the points of sale, and exact placement of every manufacturer’s products according to the shop’s standard and/ or the manufacturer’s requirements.

Our merchandizing services provide:

  • regular visits to the points of sale;
  • monitoring and fulfilling orders;
  • monitoring of remaining products and returns from shops;
  • product placements according to the specific standards in the customer’s points of sale;
  • placing and monitoring of advertising materials, stands;
  • implementation and monitoring of the planograms established by a customer, including any additional locations of product display shelves;
  • quality control of products in the points of sale;
  • monitoring of best before dates of products;
  • monitoring of prices in product shelves;
  • regular reports on the remaining products in the product shelves of shops of the leading retail store chains;
  • taking photographs of products/ shelves/ stands and any other photos from the points of sale upon the customer’s request.

Our merchandizing solutions, combining a mobile computer, wireless infrastructure and a specially encrypted safety channel, including the use of a specially designed application, will provide monitoring of your product placements and trading process.

There is a special application (developed by the IT specialists of „Baltā Bura Ltd.”) designed, which operates in the majority of mobile devices running on Windows Mobile, Android, iOS platforms. The data are sent to the server in .xml format, using the wireless Internet solutions (WiFi and GPRS) and a specially encrypted safety channel. There is a reporting system developed in order to reflect the data available in the databases, which runs on the SQL (Structured Query Language) and IIS (Internet Information Services) databases. Access to the data is controlled by authorization (a user name and password). The application is developed on the ASP.NET basis. The data report is regulated by the added users and via a protected HTTPS connection. It means that signing up on a special internet site from any location where the Internet is available; it is possible to see the activity of merchandisers in a real time, including viewing the remaining products available in the product shelves of shops during the period of time when the particular merchandiser is in the point of sale.

There are several mechanisms, reporting systems developed for monitoring of the service – merchandizing – provided by us. The reports, integrity tests are sent to the customer according to the set criteria in the format of their choice (.xml, .pdf, docs, or xlsx). It is possible to receive the reports in an electronic form by e-mail or via FTP, as well as it is also possible to receive them via the WEB server.

The data are stored on the SQL basis. File storage and backup access to the data is provided by the cloud computing technology, where there are some new options included. Server systems are located in a modern computer centre, which is certified with the TIR3 certificate.
Data input in the system is done both manually and also by a bar code scanner, which supports various encryption systems.

WEB application examples

Arnis Krūmiņš, the Sales Manager of JSC„Spodrība ”:

“We use the merchandizing services provided by „Baltā Bura Ltd.” since September 2012. Shops of the leading retail store chains are serviced, both the quality and quantity monitoring of the product display shelves is performed, we receive regular reports on the availability/ unavailability of products in the shops and the reasons for product shortage. We think that this is a successful example of innovative solutions in the technical execution of the merchandizing service provider in Latvia. It is an invaluable opportunity in the sense of a real situation to see the current situation of the product shelves of the shops of the leading retail store chains in Latvia in our place of work, as well as to receive regular reports on the progress. The rate of information flow and its reception in the real time is also important.”

They trust us