Balta Bura Ltd started a new project with the Lithuanian producer of salted and sweet snacks – ZMFood UAB. The company sells “Jėga”, “ŽM”, “Nostalgiya” brands – nuts, coated nuts, potatoe and bread chips, pork rind snacks, which are very well known all over the Baltics as healthy, qualitative and tasty products for a reasonable ... Continue reading

Coffee Kimbo is a “pearl” of sunny Naples, an Italian city, in which the ancient coffee traditions are incredibly strong and the culture of drinking coffee is well developed. Coffee Kimbo is a true Neapolitan legend, which is passed from mouth to mouth. This product retains its leading position in the world market for the ... Continue reading

The mission of producer is to create high quality, innovative, people and environment friendly products. An atomization technology is used during the production of SOFT powder that makes the powder quickly soluble and more efficient even at low temperatures, providing the maximum removing stains effect. This technology, comparing with usual mixing, ensures a completely homogeneous ... Continue reading

The festival traditionally marks the opening of the summer season and assembles under its flag both domestic and foreign brewers. Every year it is attended by some 40 thousand visitors not only from Latvia, but also from Germany, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and many other countries. This festival stood apart from all precedent festivals by ... Continue reading

Balta Bura ltd has started cooperation with iCotton producer, which is one of the leading manufacturers of hygienic and cosmetics goods in Russia. iCotton  makes a wide range of products, including wet wipes, baby products, household goods and household chemicals. The company has distribution networks in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. To reach ... Continue reading

On 10th and 11th June at the guest house Svelmes Bostik Baltic team in collaboration with Bostik AB (Sweden) representatives spent two productive days in addition to theoretical and practical knowledge in a seminar on Bostik products. New knowledge gained in existing and potential customers. First day polyurethane mastic features and benefits, as well as ... Continue reading

From March 19 to March22 there was the largest in the Baltic States theInternational Exhibition of Pets and Zoo Industry PETEXPO 2016 in Riga. There was presented the widest exposure of various pets and exotic animals, as well as related products and services. The exhibition was attended by more than 1,600 dogs and 400 cats ... Continue reading